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Important Dates:

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 31 August 2024

Registration Deadline: 20 September 2024

Final Paper Submission Date: 15 October 2024


Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2024

1. Prospective authors are invited to submit articles that should report original research results, experiments or theories, that have not been previously published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers submitted to the conference must meet these criteria.
2. It is required that the manuscript follows the publishing standard format (single column, 11-point font). Submissions must include title, abstract, keywords, author and affiliation with an email address.
3. Please double-check the paper size in your page setup to make sure you are using the A4 paper layout.
4. The paper should not contain page numbers or any special headers or footers.
5. In order to achieve the same appearance for all manuscripts, CMME requires the usage of the Publisher's templates in Microsoft Word format can be found at Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings.
6. Any kind of plagiarism is not acceptable. Our editrial office will refuse all subsequent submissions of authors convicted of plagiarism or other serious offence against publication ethics. Word-by-word copies or close imitations of texts from other sources (journals, books, internet, etc.) without proper citation are considered as plagiarism even if it concerns short parts (usually at least seven consecutive words) of the manuscript.


Editorial Policy

1. Manuscripts in both Chinese and English will be accepted for this session. The method of submission is to send by email. The submission email address:
2. Please be sure to mark "C" in the content subject before sending the email, and attach your contact information, mobile phone number, landline or email address to the manuscript
3. Please write according to the requirements and format of the conference paper. For the paper template, please refer to
4. The paper must be an original, first-time published scientific research achievement, and the content should conform to the scope of the call for papers, or belong to the field of computational and mathematical Methods and related interdisciplinary subjects.
5. Papers will be reviewed by the conference committee. For manuscripts that have passed the review, the editorial department will notify the authors by email according to the review results.
6. The review results will be sent to the contributing authors by email within 1-2 weeks after the editorial department receives the submission.
7. After review, accepted papers will be collected in conference proceedings and submitted to some important databases for indexation.


Policy Review Procedure

By submitting a paper to CMME, authors agree to the review process and acknowledge that their paper will undergo a rigorous peer review. Manuscripts will be evaluated by qualified experts in the respective field, carefully selected by the Conference Committee. These experts will provide comprehensive feedback, and if the submission is accepted, authors are expected to submit a revised version ("ready for publication") that incorporates this valuable input. All papers follow a double-blind review process: authors disclose their names and affiliations in the manuscript for reviewers' reference, while reviewers remain anonymous to each other and authors do not receive information about their identities.
The CMME2024 Committee has devoted significant efforts towards reviewing conference submissions and organizing an event that maximizes participants' benefits.


Plagiarism Policy:

CMME maintains zero tolerance for plagiarism. Submitted papers must present original work conducted by the author(s) and appropriately cite any relevant contributions from others in an academic manner. It is crucial for authors to clearly distinguish their own contributions from previously published results or techniques they have relied upon or built upon. Reviewers bear responsibility for ensuring these standards are met.
In case of plagiarism detection, the following sanctions shall be imposed:
1. Rejection of submissions or removal of articles from final publication.
2. Reporting violations to the author's supervisor and affiliated institution.
3. Reporting violations to relevant academic ethics oversight bodies as well as research funding agencies.
4. Reserving the right to publicly disclose details of plagiarists' misconduct including author name, article title, affiliation name, and specifics of misconduct.
By submitting the manuscript to CMME, the author acknowledges that it has not previously been published or accepted in the substantially similar form of a publicly accessible paper in any peer-reviewed venue, including a journal, conference, seminar, or other peer-reviewed archival forum. In addition, no papers with substantially similar content were or will be submitted to other peer-reviewed conferences or workshops with publicly accessible papers during the review period. The authors also demonstrate that they did not submit substantially similar submissions to CMME2024. Violation of these conditions will result in rejection.